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Limousine Rentals With A Personal Twist: Alterntatives To The Traditional Stretch

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Everyone knows that wealth and arriving in style go hand-in-hand with limousines. What you may not know is that limousines no longer have to be plain black cars or long black cars. These are the basic limosine models. If you would like something different with a little more personal flavor and style, try renting one of the following alternative limousine options.

Hummer Limousine and Hummer Stretch

Both of these limo varieties are based on the military Hum-V (that has been developed into a very large SUV-type vehicle for wealthy civilians). The difference here is that the Hummer limousine is a little larger and a little longer than a traditional Hummer so that it can take on extra passengers in the back. The Hummer stretch limo is the one you often see hip-hop celebrities climbing out of, and you typically can rent these in black or white.

Escalade Limos

Following in the footsteps of the Hummer limo’s popularity, Cadillac created the Escalade limo. It is bigger, roomier and seats a couple extra (average-sized) passengers than the Escalades the wealthy soccer moms often drive. Still, it is a little more streamlined and less boxy than the Hummer limo, so if you want something with softer lines and a pearlized white finish, then this may be the limo you want to rent.

“Vanilla” SUV Limos

There is nothing really “vanilla” about these SUV limos. In fact, they have been around for a couple of decades now.  When you need something bigger than a traditional stretch, but smaller than a party bus, and you do not want to pay the price of a Hummer limo, then you ask for the “basic” SUV limo. It can seat up to a dozen passengers (depending on their size; big and tall people need a little more room) in the back. All of the amenities you would expect with a stretch limo are typically included, plus a few extras.

Party Bus Limos

Some wedding parties and prom courts are just too big to fit everyone into any other kind of limo alternative. A party bus limo has more than enough room (and you can request one that does not have bus seats in it, but rather posh and comfy seats just like a limo) to fit a very large group of people or several attendants who are over six feet tall and broad through the shoulders. Some limo rental companies even add a microwave, refrigerator, and a disco ball with lights to their party bus limos.

For various limousine rentals, contact a company such as Millanio Limo

Consider Booking A Limo To Transport Relatives From The Airport For Your Wedding

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When numerous people fly in from out of town to attend your wedding, it is important to figure out how everyone will get where they need to go after arriving at the airport. Hiring a limo to pick everyone up is a fancy way to ensure that everyone arrives safely to the wedding and allows you to show your appreciation for them taking the time to come to your wedding. The guide below walks you through the process for arranging for a limo to pick up your family at the airport.

Consider Who Will Be Riding in the Limo

The first thing you need to do is to consider who will be riding in the limo from the airport. If there will be small children in the limo, you need to be sure that you provide the limo driver with a car seat for the child or that your family brings a car seat with them on the plane. This will ensure that everyone can travel safely in the limo.

Consider the Amount of Luggage Everyone Will Have

Take the time to consider how much luggage everyone will have when booking the limo. Be sure to let the limo company know if there will be a lot of luggage to transport because they may be able to send a separate cargo van with the limo to carry the luggage, since it may not all fit into the trunk of the limo.

Determine When the Driver Needs to Arrive

You need to find out when everyone’s plane will be arriving so that the driver can arrive to the airport a few minutes before the first plane arrives to find a legal parking spot. The driver may not be able to park in the loading zone, if he or she has to wait for multiple planes to arrive because the loading zone allows vehicles to park for a very limited amount of time.

Provide the Driver with a Sign

Create a sign that is eye-catching for the driver to use when he or she is waiting for your family to arrive. Be sure that the sign clearly states that the driver is picking up for your wedding so that your family will be able to easily recognize the name on the sign.

Being transported by limo allows your family to catch up during the trip to your wedding venue. Everyone will have plenty of room to sit comfortably during the trip, as well. For additional options, consider checking out airport transportation services near you.

New To The World Of Carpooling? Here’s How To Approach It

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If you’re fed up with the expense of commuting to work but aren’t exactly keen on taking public transportation, joining an existing carpool in your neighborhood is a logical strategy. By taking turns driving and riding with others, you’ll not only save money and wear on your vehicle, but also have the chance to pass the time conversing with new people. As a carpooling novice, it’s important that you make sure your behavior doesn’t alienate those around you. Carpool etiquette extends beyond being punctual and not making a mess in anyone’s vehicle. Here are some other strategies to keep in mind to make sure that you’re quickly seen as a valuable member of the group.

Ask About Conversation

While many people enjoy talking to pass the time, others prefer to listen to the radio or drive in silence. The last thing anyone wants is for a member of the group to talk incessantly when silence is preferred by everyone else. There’s no shame in asking how people wish to approach the ride — knowing whether the others wish to talk or primarily ride in silence can help you make sure to fit in.

Skip The Errands

When it’s your turn to drive, it’s important to keep in mind that your passengers are counting on you getting them to and from work in a timely manner. As much as it might be tempting to stop to pick up a couple groceries or drop off a package at the post office, doing so is poor carpooling etiquette. Make sure you make plans to handle any errands at other times — for example, after you’ve dropped off your last passenger.

No Scent Makes Sense

Some workplaces have no-scent policies, but it’s important to keep the same rule in mind when you’re carpooling. No one wants to be stuck in a vehicle with you after you’ve doused yourself in perfume, cologne or body spray. If you wish to wear these products, consider applying them once you get out of the car.

Fill Up With Gas In Advance

Each carpool has a different strategy regarding paying for gas, but a common solution that many carpools adopt is to simply have each driver pay for his or her own gas; this often involves less hassle than having each person chip in to pay for a full tank. To this end, make sure that your vehicle’s tank is always full when it’s your turn to drive. Doing so will avoid the awkwardness of people wondering if they should contribute to the fill-up, as well as keep your rides as quick as possible.

If you are considering a car pool service, contact a company like Lets Ride Share.

A Few Tips For A Good Experience With Taxi Cab Services In A Strange City

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If you are traveling in a new city and are going to be using taxi cab services to get around, do not assume it would be the same as it would be at home. The taxis in different towns operate differently and you could end up with a very bad, or embarrassing experience. The first time you need a cab in a new city, call the company and talk to the dispatcher first, making sure you understand what to expect. Here are a few questions you should ask to understand everything.


Taxi services charge in one of two ways, there is either a meter that charges by the distance traveled and the time spent waiting, or they have a flat fee. Sometimes, a cab will offer a flat fee to places frequently traveled, such as the airport or certain hotels. Make sure you understand how much the trip is going to cost you before booking the service. You may want to try a few different companies to get the best price.

Payment Options

Some cabs will accept credit or debit cards, some will accept traveler’s checks, and most accept cash. However, it would be embarrassing to reach your destination and find out that you do not have the proper way to pay the driver. In fact, in many places, the driver may call the police if you cannot pay as it is illegal.

Getting a Cab

It seems that whenever you watch a movie or television show people simple step to the curb and whistle or wave down a passing taxi cab. This is not how it works everywhere, though. You may have to call the cab company and request service. If this is the case, it is a good idea to plan ahead. In fact, when you first call for service it is a good idea to ask what the average wait time will be and if there are any times that will have a longer time. Be prepared to wait extra if it is raining too, as more people will be using the taxis. Of course, in big cities, there are usually cabs waiting outside hotels or other main attractions.

Map of the Area

Another way to ensure a good cab ride is to have a map of the area with you. This way, you can see where you are going in relation to where you started. If you have any questions or concerns about the route the driver is taking, be sure to ask. Most of the time it is going to be due to construction or some other traffic delay.

Don’t be afraid to use taxi cab services in a strange city, just be sure you know what you are getting into when you climb into the back seat. Contact a business, such as Orlando Cab Transportation, for more information. 

First Summer Driving A Commercial Truck? Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy This Summer

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Although the weather and road conditions tend to be much more manageable for trucks in the summer time, there are still certain hazards and things you need to be aware of when driving a semi-truck in the summer time. Here are a few tips that will help you navigate the unique challenges that summertime presents for commercial truck drivers. 

Check Your Tires Before Each Run

Outside temperatures alter the pressure in your tires. When it is hot outside, the air in your tires can expand and cause the pressure to increase. In order to ensure that your tires don’t blow out due to being inflated incorrectly in the summer heat, you should check and adjust your tire pressure before each delivery run that you go on.

Check Your Brakes Frequently

In the summer, when it is hot outside, all that heat can cause your brakes to lose friction and fade. This happens because your brakes are not able to absorb all the environmental heat and heat from your vehicle. 

Before you get on the road each day in the summertime, especially when it is extremely hot, run a quick brake check. 

Be Extra Alert 

In the summertime, the highways tend to have more vehicles on them than just about any other time of the year, outside of major holiday weekends in the fall.

Summer is when most people take time off work and hit the road for a vacation. That means that, not only are there extra drivers on the road, there are a lot of drivers who are driving on unfamiliar roads. 

For you, that means you need to be especially aware of what is happening around you on the road in order to avoid an accident. 

Keep Yourself Safe From The Sun

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face driving during the summertime is the sun. Although the sun coming through your window may feel great, all that sun exposure can have serious consequences down the line, which is why you need to take steps to protect your left arm and face. 

Every day before you hit the road, you need to put on some sunscreen on both your face and arms. It is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from harmful rays. You should reapply the sunscreen every couple of hours to ensure you get the maximum protection possible.

You can also protect your window-side arm by keeping it covered up by wearing either long sleeves or by wearing a sun sleeve to protect your arm. 

Finally, you can upgrade your truck and have a window film installed on the driver’s side window that will help block out UV rays. 

For more information about driving in the summer, or to find out about jobs, contact a company like East Coast Driver Solutions.

Preparing For Your First Taxi Ride? Here Are 4 Tips To Make The Ride A Success

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Taxis are a great way to get around the city, especially if you’re traveling and don’t have access to your own car. If you’ve never taken a taxi before, you might not be aware that are certain rules of etiquette that will make the trip much smoother for you and the driver. Before you get in the taxi for the first time, you should familiarize yourself with some of these rules.

Don’t Eat and Ride

If you’ve got food, you should eat it before you get in the cab. Food can spill, which will leave a mess for the cab driver to clean up. Not only that, but if the upholstery is stained, you’ll be adding expenses that the cab driver will have to cover, especially if they’re an owner/operator – meaning they own the taxi they’re driving. If the food you’re eating is particularly odorous, you might make it uncomfortable for future passengers, or even create a situation where the cabbie loses out on a fare because of the way the taxi smells. 

Know Where You’re Going Before You Leave

While your cabbie does make money driving you around, their time is still valuable. Know where you’re going before you climb in the taxi. If you’re not familiar with the area, have the address written down so that you can tell the cabbie exactly where you need to go. By providing the cabbie with the exact location, you can avoid delays.

Be Considerate

When you’re riding in a taxi, you should be considerate of conversation etiquette. If your cabbie tries to strike up conversation, but you don’t feel like talking, be considerate and let them know that you’d prefer some quiet time. Conversely, if you’re trying to strike up conversation, but your cabbie doesn’t feel like chatting, don’t take it personally. Instead, use the time to call a friend or surf the web on your phone.

Reward Good Service

It’s important to remember that the fare you pay for the ride does not cover the tip. If your cabbie went above and beyond, let them know you noticed by giving them a generous tip. They’ll appreciate the thought.

Taxi rides can be a lot of fun, especially if you understand the unwritten rules. The information provided here will help you get the most out of your first taxi ride. Contact a service like Union Taxi to learn more about using a taxi.

Impress Your Childhood Pen Pal With A Day Or Night Out On The Town

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If you have been writing to an individual since childhood and have recently invited them to spend some time in your hometown so that you can strengthen your friendship and show them some points of interest, impress them with the careful preparations you have made by using the following tips. As a result, your pen pal will enjoy themselves and may decide to visit you again in the future.

Cruise The Town In Style

Rent a limousine and have the chauffeur drive you to the airport or train station that your pen pal is arriving at. The chauffeur can help your friend with their luggage before leading them to the side of the vehicle that their seat is located in. Request that the mini bar and fridge is stocked with a variety of beverages and food items when renting the limousine so that your pen pal’s thirst will be quenched and hunger will be satiated while cruising through town.

Ask the chauffeur to drive around the perimeter of the town and to point out any landmarks that your friend may be interested in. If your pen pal seems impressed with some of the scenery, ask the driver to stop so that you can take some photographs with your new acquaintance.

Talk to a company like American Sedan Service for more help with limo services.

Bar Or Restaurant Hop Throughout The Day Or Night

Once the limo ride is over, decide upon some bars or restaurants to visit. Select establishments that are popular with locals and that offer drinks or food items that the businesses are well known for. Try one or two items at each location. Take a cab to some of the places if it will take too long to walk to them.

Make sure that your pen pal is provided with the opportunity to try a wide variety of beverages and food items so that they are able to determine which ones they prefer the most. If your friend enjoys one establishment more than the others, make a point of bringing them back to it during their stay.

Partake In Some Festivities

Attend a local fair, carnival, concert, or sporting event so that your friend learns about some of the activities that are popular in the area where you live. Ask your pen pal which of the events they are interested in so that they can select the one that will be most enjoyable for them. Be willing to spring for the event since you were the one who did the inviting.

Purchase souvenirs so that you and your pen pal will have items that will provide you both with fond memories once the visit is over and your friend leaves to go home.

If the visit goes well, you and your pen pal may feel closer than you both previously did and stay in touch more often. Your friend may ask you to visit their hometown in the future or may be interested in coming back to your town to spend more time with you.

Visiting The Big Island: 3 Fun Ways To Get Around Without Renting A Car

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At 4,028 square miles in size, the Big Island is the largest island in the Hawaiian chain. But the island is still small enough to get around without having to rent a vehicle throughout your entire visit. Whether you’re planning to visit the heavily populated Hilo side of the island, the tourist-filled Kona side, or both, here are three fun ways that you can get around the island without renting a car:

Rent a Bike

Peddling a bike is an awesome way to get around when visiting the large towns of Kona and Hilo. Both towns feature multiple bike rental facilities that offer daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. Once on a bike in Kona, you can visit several beaches and a myriad of shops on Ali’i drive and surrounding areas. In Hilo, you can ride your bike to the large farmer’s market in the middle of town, peddle through Liliuokalani Gardens and Coconut Island, or head to Rainbow Falls just outside of town. For more information, contact Tri-A-Bike Inc or a similar company.

Take a Trolley or Bus

In Kona, you can hop on the town’s trolley to explore beaches, resorts, restaurants, and stores along the coast. Check out the Kings’ Shops in Waikoloa and go for a swim at the beach before boarding the trolley and heading to Magic Sands Beach for a picnic in Kona. The Big Island also has a hele-on bus system that you can use to travel around the entire island, allowing you to get from one side of the island to another in just a couple of hours. The bus will take you to out-of-the-way locations such as the Kapoho Tide Pools located south of Hilo in the Puna district, as well as South Point which is the southern-most location in the United States.

Travel by Kayak

Both Kona and Hilo offer kayak rentals in town, offering an opportunity to travel to various coastline locations without stepping foot on land. Launch a kayak at Ho’ Okena beach in Kealekakua and row over to Miloli’i bay and dock on the sand for a picnic – you’ll likely see spinner dolphins along your journey. In Hilo, you can launch your kayak from Coconut Island and travel North to check out the beaches and coastlines of Honokaha and Hamakua. You can even explore sea caves on your way to resort beaches when kayaking from Kona to Waikaloa.

Consider incorporating multiple alternative travel options into your Big Island trip to optimize your sight seeing opportunities.

5 Myths About Using A Party Bus

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Using a party bus can be a great source of entertainment for a birthday party, wedding, or other special occasion. However, many people are hesitant to use the services of a party bus because of some of the myths that surround it. These myths often develop from customers who have used a poor quality party bus company in the past. Here are five myths to know about:

  1. They Smell: A good party bus company takes great pride in deep cleaning their buses after every use. The chances of your party bus smelling is highly unlikely because of this. Plus, reputable party bus companies do not allow any smoking on their buses, which is another way they reduce poor smells for the next customers that use the party bus. 
  2. They’re Expensive: Renting a party bus for two or three people is probably going to be a bit pricey. However, party buses are meant for large groups of people. When you split the cost between everyone who will be on the party bus, the cost of renting one is very reasonable, sometimes even as low as $30 per person.
  3. They Don’t Show Up: When you hire a party bus, be sure that you hire from a company that provides you with a contract that is signed before the day that you are using it. This ensures that you are using a reputable company that is going to show up on time. Don’t hire from a company that promises to show up on time but doesn’t provide any kind of written contract for you to sign.
  4. They Come With Unreasonable Fees: Of course, party bus companies are going to charge their customers a fee if the party bus is left in disarray. These fees are simply clean up and repair fees. You can easily avoid them if you are sure that you and your guests are respecting the party bus rules. 
  5. Anything can Happen on a Party Bus: Reputable party bus companies always ensure that their passengers are not doing anything illegal or inappropriate on the party bus. This is typically the fear of parents who rent the party bus for their child’s birthday. No underage drinking is allowed nor is smoking or other illegal activity. Parents can be rest assured that using a party bus provides a safe environment for their children.

When you know the truth behind these four myths, you can see why hiring from a reputable company is important. Doing this will ensure that you have the best experience possible with your party bus.

2 Tips To Prevent Drinking And Driving At A Bachelor Party

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If you are in the process of planning a big party for the groom-to-be and a big group of friends, you might be thinking about one potential issue — drinking and driving. It’s only natural that at least some of the guests will want to imbibe during the party, and drinking and driving is certainly something to be concerned about. Luckily, following these tips can help prevent this issue from turning an otherwise fun night into something dangerous.

1. Rent a Limo for Transportation

One excellent tip for any bachelor party is to hire a limo service from a transportation company like On Time Taxi & Limo LLC to drive everyone around . It can help prevent anyone from having to walk or drive from place to place — particularly if you are planning on going bar hopping or are otherwise planning on visiting multiple places throughout the evening — and can add a touch of luxury to the evening. Plus, everyone can ride together and have a ton of fun in the limousine. One of the main perks of renting a limo for the night is the fact that no one will have to worry about drinking and driving. You won’t have to worry about the cabs shutting down or otherwise being left behind, either, as long as you let the driver and limo rental company know that you want to rent the service for the evening.

2. Choose a Place for Everyone to Crash

Another option is to keep the party going at a hotel, in a rented home or in one of the party guest’s homes. This can be beneficial for a few reasons — it can give the group a little more time to hang out, it can cut costs if you head back to the house early in the evening instead of spending the entire night out on the town, and it can give everyone a place to crash for the evening. When everyone has a place to “sleep it off,” there is no reason for any of the guests to get behind the wheel after drinking.

As you can see, it is entirely possible to help prevent drinking and driving at a bachelor party. If you are concerned about how you or one of your guests will be able to indulge while still getting home safely, consider using one or both of these ideas to help keep all of the guests — as well as everyone else who might be on the road on the night of the party — safe.