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Learning About Transportation

Managing Your Trucking Business With Load Boards And Brokers

Jeffery Spencer

Driving a truck for a living means keeping the truck moving and finding freight when and where you need it. This is often one of the most challenging parts of the business, but there are some tools available to drivers and managers that can help. 

Truck Load Boards

One of the most common ways drivers find loads for their trucks is through truck load board services. For years, truck load boards have been part of the trucking industry, and with changes in technology, the load board system has adapted so that truck load boards are now available online and in phone apps that let drivers find loads easily and often before they are even in the area where the load is originating.

Truck load boards list current loads that need to be moved and the time frame that needs to be met. The board will also show the broker for the load, the company that the freight is going to, and the type of trailer that the cargo is on. Drivers can browse the boards to find the load in an area they are currently in and search for a destination. A driver trying to get home for a few days may want to look for a load that needs to go to their hometown or close to it so they can go home and make some money on the trip.

Load Brokers

Some truck drivers work for large companies that haul freight all over the country and use brokers to find and assign loads to the trucks in the fleet. The broker will search the truck load boards to find loads for the fleet, and the broker may need to service multiple trucks at the same time. 

Using a truck load board service that allows the broker to find loads quickly and send them out to drivers is critical. If a driver does not have a load, the driver and the company are losing money, so the broker needs to be on top of getting loads books, assigning them, and being careful to ensure the driver does not go over their legal driving hours as a result of an assigned load.

While independent drivers can search the load boards on their own, some small owner/operators choose to work with a broker to help locate jobs and eliminate the need to subscribe to multiple truck load boards and spend a lot of time searching for work when they would prefer to be driving.