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Learning About Transportation

3 Types Of CDL Endorsements You Can Get To Expand Your Career & Stay Closer To Home

Jeffery Spencer

If you already have your Class A CDL license and are looking to expand your opportunities, it is time to start thinking about what endorsements you want to get on your licenses. Endorsements will allow you to take on a wide variety of jobs and allow you access to a bigger paycheck.

#1: Tank Endorsement

With a tank endorsement, you can haul a tanker full of either a liquid or gas material. When you drive a tank, you must handle the movement of the liquid or gaseous material inside the tank, which can take some getting used to. You are also going to need to take a written test to earn this endorsement.

Liquid and gaseous materials are usually not shipped across the country, so jobs with more local or regional routes will open to you. If you want to be at your home base more while increasing your earning potential, this is a great endorsement to get.

#2: Passenger Transport

If you like being around people and are tired of the solitude of being on the road, you may want to consider getting a passenger transport endorsement. This endorsement will allow you to drive vehicles, like oversized vans and buses, that transport many people. You will have to take both a written and skills test.

With a passenger transport license, you can get a fully local job for a bus company. Or, if you still like the idea of longer trips, you can work for a travel company that provides long-distance bus transportation.

#3: School Bus Transport

A school bus endorsement is slightly different from passenger transport, as you will primarily be transporting minors. To get a school bus transport, you will need to pass a criminal history check, a background check, and a physical fitness test. You are going to have to learn more about school rules and undergo additional training. Most individuals who get a passenger transportation endorsement choose to get a school bus endorsement as well, although you don't have to. This endorsement can also allow you to stay a little closer to home.  

If you want to expand your trucking career, you should consider adding at least one endorsement to your Class A CDL licenses. Adding an endorsement to your license is an easy way to open more job opportunities and higher pay to yourself. There is a continued high demand for Class A CDL drivers with special endorsements, so consider investing in yourself. The three endorsements listed above will allow you access to higher-paying jobs while staying closer to home.

Contact a local driving school to learn more about available trucking training programs.