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Learning About Transportation

Understanding The Fundamentals Of Drayage Shipping Services

Jeffery Spencer

Cargo transportation is a vital part of the country's infrastructure, and businesses of all kinds depend on the timely transport of their goods and materials. However, few people truly understand what goes into this process, or the stages of transportation that must be addressed. If you're a business owner trying to navigate the import of products or materials, you need to understand the importance of drayage transport as part of your shipping plan. Drayage transport is the service that gets your cargo from one transportation point to another, such as from a shipping port to a rail yard or trucking distribution center and vice versa. Here's a look at a few different types of drayage transport options that you might need.

Expedited Transport

Expedited transport is a special part or drayage service that is typically only used when a shipment is time-sensitive and must be moved right away. In most cases, this type of service relies on road transport with a trucking service because it's the quickest way to get the cargo where it needs to be. Most drayage services that provide expedited transport options use team drivers for this service because team drivers are able to keep the shipment moving when single drivers would have reached their service hour limits.

Inter and Intra-Carrier Transport

Whether you're moving a shipment from a rail yard to a shipping dock or a shipping dock to a trucking depot, these services are referred to as inter-carrier transports. Usually, these are short-distance transports handled by a drayage service to get the cargo from one carrier to the other.

The same applies when you're moving a shipment between two locations that the same base carrier owns. These are referred to as intra-carrier shipments. They are a common service offered by drayage providers because it's usually a dedicated route between the two locations.

Direct Drayage Transport

Another thing that many people don't realize that drayage carriers will offer is direct transport. When you have a shipment arrive at a location and you need it delivered directly to the receiving customer, many drayage services will handle these types of shipments for you.

They will ensure port-to-door deliveries for you, and sometimes provide you with tracking for the shipment along the route with GPS monitoring. If security and real-time access is important, ask your drayage provider about this service.

These are some of the things that you should know about drayage carrier services. If you're looking to bridge the gap between locations and shipping providers, talk with a drayage service near you today. Reach out to an intermodal drayage service near you.