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Learning About Transportation

Everything You Need To Know About Cargo Van Load Boards

Jeffery Spencer

With supply chain disruptions omnipresent, there are many opportunities for cargo vans and Sprinter vans to move cargo. Here's what you need to know about a cargo van load board.

What is a load board? 

A load board is an online marketplace that connects shippers with truckers. Shippers post loads on the load board and truckers can search for loads that fit their route and capacity. Most load boards are free for truckers to use, but some load boards charge a subscription fee.

Traditionally, a trucker had to work with a shipping company or a freight broker to get work. They were dependent on the loads and schedules offered to them. This left little room for negotiation and truckers were often paid less than they could have earned if they had gone out and found their own loads.

Load boards, on the other hand, allow truckers to be their own boss. They can browse through loads and pick the ones that best fit their route, schedule, and personal preferences. This gives them more control over their work and allows them to earn more money.

In addition, load boards provide truckers with valuable information such as the shipper's contact information, the origin and destination of the load, and the type of cargo.

What are the benefits of using a load board?

There are many benefits to load boards, including:

  • Connect. Load boards help truckers find loads and help shippers find truckers without the use of a freight broker.
  • New. Load boards can be a great way for truckers to find loads, especially if they are just starting out.
  • Control. Load boards give truckers more control over their business by allowing them to choose the loads they want to haul.
  • Payment. Many load boards now offer access to popular payment solutions, which can help truckers plan their routes and find loads that pay well.

Additionally, load boards can help truckers build their business by providing access to loads that they might not otherwise have haulage rights to.

Can a cargo van use a load board?

Yes, cargo vans and Sprinter vans can use load boards to find loads. Cargo vans and Sprinter vans are often used for last-mile delivery, which means they are used to deliver goods from a distribution center to a retail location.

Can you broker your own loads?

If you are an owner-operator, you can broker your own loads with a load board. This means that you will find a shipper with a load that needs to be hauled and then you negotiate to haul the load yourself with your own vehicle.

If you own a cargo van and are looking for work, consider using a cargo van load board to find loads.