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Learning About Transportation

Cross-Docking: Is It Right For Your Warehouse?

Jeffery Spencer

If you spend too much time unloading, sorting, and reloading products in your warehouse, look into cross-docking soon. Cross-docking shortens the time needed to unload, store, and redistribute products once they arrive at your warehouse. Cross-docking may be a cost and time-effective way to manage your expenses. Learn more about cross-docking and how it may benefit your warehouse distribution system below. 

What's Cross-Docking?

If you spend an extraordinary amount of time receiving and distributing products in your warehouse throughout the day, you may need to change your logistics plans soon. Your current logistics plan may not be sound enough to meet your warehouse or customers' needs. In this case, you may want to switch your current logistics plan to cross-docking.

Cross-docking shortens the amount of time you spend to receive, unload, distribute, and transport goods from your warehouse to other destinations. Traditional logistics plans require you to follow a strict set of complicated requirements that may hinder your ability to ship and distribute goods quickly. Cross-docking allows you to unload and load products into climate-controlled or refrigerated trucks immediately after you receive them. Cross-docking helps you increase the revenue your warehouse earns during the year.

If you think cross-docking will work well for your warehouse, find the services you need today. 

How Do You Obtain Cross-Docking Services?

To implement a cross-docking plan in your warehouse, you must reach out to a transportation company online or near you. A transportation company can assist you with the setup of your plan. You can add cross-docking to your current logistics plan, or you can develop or set up a separate cross-decking plan for your business. 

A company can also supply the transportation or trucks your warehouse needs to move your goods. Your transportation should reflect or meet the needs of your goods. For example, if you receive and distribute temperature-controlled products in your warehouse, you may need to use climate-controlled trucks to move them. The vehicles should contain everything you need to keep your goods fresh.

A company may also examine your loading dock for issues. Your loading dock may not be equipped to handle quick loads. In this case, you may need to create additional loading docks in your warehouse. The new loading docks may feature wider entrances and faster conveyors.

If you need assistance setting up a cross-docking plan in your warehouse, consult a transportation or warehouse distribution company like Time-DC Thunderstone Logistics for more details today.