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Learning About Transportation

Why Charter A Bus To Take People To Your Offsite Team-Building Day?

Jeffery Spencer

If you've scheduled an offsite team-building day, then you should think about how your employees will get to your chosen venue. You might have assumed that everyone can just drive there on the day.

However, a charter bus might be a better option. What are the benefits of using a bus charter service to ferry you all to and from your retreat?

Control Arrival Times 

While you will encourage all your employees to turn up at your venue at a set time, you don't have any guarantees that this will happen. People might be late if they get stuck in traffic. You might have to delay the start of your day if too many people are late.

If you rent a bus, then everyone arrives at the same time. The bus company will tell you how long the journey will take, so you can set a departure time. Your employees simply have to get to your chosen pick-up point.

Make The Day Easier For Your Employees

If your employees have to drive some way to get to your team-building venue, then they have two long drives ahead of them. They might not be fresh and ready to go when they arrive. They'll also have a long drive home at the end of the day when they might feel mentally and physically tired.

They'll have higher gas costs than they normally do. If you're planning a drinks reception or dinner at the end of the day, then drivers won't be able to drink alcohol. Plus, if some of your employees don't usually drive to work, then they might not have an easy way to get to and from the venue.

If you hire a bus for these journeys, then your employees arrive fresh and relaxed for the day. They can wind down on the trip home. Everyone can have a couple of drinks if they want to. You won't have to worry about how people will get to the venue and back home again.

Start Team-Building Before the Day Starts

If everyone arrives individually for your team-building day, then people might take a little time to get in the mood when they arrive. If you rent a bus, then they come together early. You can set the mood for the day before it starts.

So, you can use the trip to allocate teams and to explain how the day will work. People will be ready to start taking part in activities as soon as the bus arrives. Even being able to chat with people informally on the bus helps foster a friendly corporate community spirit.

For more information, contact local bus charter companies.